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Hello to the fediverse, I guess?
I'm John, a systems administrator/devops/monitoring guy from Montana. Not sure how I'll use this, but setting it up was a fun way to test DigitalOcean doplets...

Have you ever noticed that "vampire" and "vaccine" both start with the letter "V"? This is stronger evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine will cause vampirism than anything Mike Adams can come up with.

ACTUALLY, if your string literal includes variable expansions it's a string metaphorical

wtf is a vember and why do we have an entire month dedicated to not having any of it?

@natecull @natecull Interesting:
It's just an overview, but it seems like the real shift for Republicans to "the party of big business" happened in 1896 with Waren G Harding and the emerging gold standard? There's not a lot of detail there...great...I know what I'm reading about tonight...

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@natecull Sorry. Mis-read your timeline.
It *is* interesting. Skimming around a kinda seems like it stemmed from some Republicans being in favor of America's imperial tendencies at the time...
Republicans pushed for annexation of Hawaii while Democrats were against it...
Could imperialism lead to hard-core capitalism? I *usually* does...

Queer fediverse be like:

Check out my new album, "30 minutes of low bitrate white noise", available only on my gopher-over-IMCP server at epicqueergamer7hfai73pfam55oxhq.onion. Please connect only between 01:00 and 02:00 UTC for reasons I will *not* explain.


Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?

I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!


between tramp stamps, skank flanks, and thirsty sternums im starting to suspect that the location of the tattoo isnt the problem but the gender of the people getting tattooed. just a theory

Something that this pandemic has brought into stark relief is that there are an enormous number of healthcare workers who don't believe in the basic principles of healthcare

There's a part of me that suspects a bad network config that I just had to fix on buster...

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I have had a tremendous amount of instability lately on my RockPro64 that is hosting this instance.

I guess random hangs that I can't diagnose are fine?

Let's hope switching from Armbian Ubuntu to Armbian Debian Buster will make a difference...assuming it was just something in might!

So we beat on, tooting against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past

The "How to Radicalize a Normie" video is now *age-restricted* on YouTube:

Literally a video that shows how alt-right radicalizes people and which can be (and has successfully been) used to de-radicalize people is now age-restricted.

I just can't.

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