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Hello to the fediverse, I guess?
I'm John, a systems administrator/devops/monitoring guy from Montana. Not sure how I'll use this, but setting it up was a fun way to test DigitalOcean doplets...

I am constantly amazed that the same generation who constantly brags about their "transformative" work in the 60s now gives us the most flagrantly self-important and downright evil people to run our country.
At what point did even the public display of morality die?

Debian's cool on servers and all, but I think Debian Testing was a mistake for a desktop. Gonna switch back to Fedora. See if that's a little more stable.

"You actually don't need to be open-minded about Oracle, you are wasting the openness of your mind ...What you think of Oracle, is even truer than you think it is. There has been no entity in human history with less complexity or nuance to it than Oracle."

He who controls the Spice, controls the Zig-A-Zig-Ah

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Alright then. Armbian 20.08 (debian stable w/ legacy kernel) is safe to upgrade to on a RockPro64.
Huzzah! I have a newer kernel!

A day later and using the older 4.4 kernel is stable. That's...concerning. I really hope Debian mainlines the drivers for this machine soon...

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Continuing strange surprises with this RockPro64 box...Armbian Buster (server version) [kernel 4.4] boots quickly and consistently, but it seems upgrading the kernel makes the box unstable.

Armbian Focal/Buster (desktop version) [kernel 5.4] takes 4+ minutes to start and doesn't always boot. Kinda randomly.

I'm honestly struggling to find a stable linux install for this box. Frustrating stuff.

Nasty surprise on my new RockPro64 version of Mastodon: Node requires specific python2 packages to successfully compile. How fun to discover new reasons to dis-like node!

y'all hear the news about Docker?

Docker is gonna start deleting images that haven't been pushed/pulled in an amount of time specified **in your subscription plan**

is there a container registry **not** affiliated with a product or company? where's the fedi-project for open + decentralized registry? because I have not found one

Well that was interesting. Seems something in Armbian broke Ruby? Had to completely re-compile Ruby for Mastodon to be able to actually communicate properly again. No more errors disguised as warning in the logs now.

Huzzah! With a new RockPro64 (instead of a raspberry pi 3), Mastodon can actually pre-compile assets again! My ansible playbook doesn't crash any more!

I accept my fate. Armbian is the correct distro for RockPro64 hardware:

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