@thegibson It's _fine_ that it was 60 degrees in Montana yesterday. Totally fine. Nothing to see here. Now excuse me while I go put out this...everything...that's on fire.

Have you ever noticed that "vampire" and "vaccine" both start with the letter "V"? This is stronger evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine will cause vampirism than anything Mike Adams can come up with.

@deutrino You got X2go working? Life goals there...I've never gotten that consistently.

@doctormo The same studio made 2009's "The Secrets of Kells", which was similarly stunning.

ACTUALLY, if your string literal includes variable expansions it's a string metaphorical

wtf is a vember and why do we have an entire month dedicated to not having any of it?

@natecull I think that depends on your definition. They landed on gold as the single standard, but only because pre-Civil War US monetary policy was a mess:

@natecull So strange to imagine that in the modern US government. Like a captive bid process in reverse...where the government gets the best possible deal instead of the single-bid contractor getting the best deal.
Seems these Romans where nearly as good at Capitalism as the US is.

@natecull That's totally fair and I suppose when I think of imperialism, I'm lazy in my thinking and ignore examples like Persia.

I am struggling to imagine how a privatized tax collection system even it like...payday loans, except with government management somehow? I'm very confused.

@natecull @natecull Interesting:
It's just an overview, but it seems like the real shift for Republicans to "the party of big business" happened in 1896 with Waren G Harding and the emerging gold standard? There's not a lot of detail there...great...I know what I'm reading about tonight...

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@natecull The church of the tarball, both Gentoo and Slackware factions, are just happy to be a part of the conversation...

@natecull The true church of RPM is enraged by this post, while the church of the true DEB is frothing with opinions on why this makes them mad...

@natecull Sorry. Mis-read your timeline.
It *is* interesting. Skimming around a kinda seems like it stemmed from some Republicans being in favor of America's imperial tendencies at the time...
Republicans pushed for annexation of Hawaii while Democrats were against it...
Could imperialism lead to hard-core capitalism? I *usually* does...

While there are arguments against this, the general *tenor* of the tale holds some water.
Because democrats at the time (60s and 70s) were pushing for more progressive ideas, the "dixiecrats" (southern democrats like of the party split away. And since America is firmly entrenched in a two-party system...

@deutrino iptables is a dark sorcery that I firmly believe no one actually understands.

Queer fediverse be like:

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