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eugen: I'm not going to work for alt-right enablers any more. I'm going to ban individual racists if they show up on the bad instance

a thousand dipshits in the replies: how dare you. this is censorship. this is like if you disagreed with someone and glued their mouth shut.

Funny thing. If you set a static IP for a host with dhcpcd (like how Raspberry Pi docs recommend), but *don't* put the IP in /etc/hosts, you'll see a *huge* increase in DNS requests from that host. 'Cause services don't know what IP the local host has.

Basically, I reduced queries to my Pihole box by about 60% by adding a line to some /etc/hosts files.

@thegibson Fedora:
- has pretty much all the software you want
- works well with Flatpak and GNOME
- fresh yet surprisingly stable
- has some kind of governance and community
- works out of the box and is not so easy to break

Me: Man...maintaining my personal infrastructure of servers by hand is a pain, but there's only 7 of them, puppet/chef/salt is too much.
Ansible: 'Sup. You want some deterministic deploys?
Me: Umm...okay?
Ansible: You want all your deployment scripting to be in a simple DSL and be easily stored in a CVS?
Me: Yes!
Ansible: I got you.
Me: Thanks, Ansible!
Me: ...
Me: Thansible.

Super legit Game of Thrones final scene leak 

I really want to be able to just think about nice things. Or maybe just that the worst thing during the day be work-related.
Instead, there's this hulking "news" monster behind me all the time..."Guess how many people were killed for no reason today." it says...gloating.

I go to bed Sunday night and everything's fine in the fediverse. Wake up Monday morning and we're about to be surveilled to the ends of the 'net by UN death squads.

As my friend put it:
"It’s like every tech person ever refuses to learn the lesson that systems like that can be pretty easily gamed."

The latest Blender open movie project is finally done! Spring is here and it's epic. People loved it. Outstanding job β™₯

Soon online. Stay tuned for the announcement very soon! #b3d #SpringOpenMovie

UBI without rent control / massive subsidized housing programs should be called Universal Landlord Income

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when you're configuring iptables but you lock yourself out of your own connection

We'd like to thank you all for the follows, responses and support the last few days... 

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