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ok consider the following
what if drivers only implement vulkan natively
and opengl etc etc is all just implement in vulkan
via a single sharable library


I'll be done watching uspol coverage now, as I have seen the best of it, and it is this headline in this paper:

I'd been thinking about it for a while now, and I *finally* bought some @pluralistic books. Excited to read!


this is what happens to parties of, by, & for the consultant class and the work-from-home class when they promise nothing to people who've been getting squeezed for decades.
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Biden ads have started in KY.

His internal polling is telling him he has stretch.

The “silence him” ad is brilliant.

But if he is advertising here, he is going with a 50 state endgame.

This indicates that Biden is comfortable enough to draw his general numbers down.

This says a lot about where this election really is.

zodiac signs are secretly just a way to make you dox what month you were born in
can we just force manufacturers to put all of the ingredients in the list?
I mean we already have the law
but like
remove the "spices" and the "flavors" loopholes
just list the fucking ingredients lmao

Hot take 

With the state of Mozilla and Chrome... Is Edge the safest Mass-market browser?

I mean, I'm trolling a little, but not entirely.

VPN F*cking Everything(tm) minor update 

as part of running all my traffic thru a $5/mo VPS at a fairly reputable US provider, all Google web properties have decided I'm in the UAE and are displaying everything to me in Arabic.

I don't understand how so many Silicon Valley executives grew up playing video games in the 1990s about evil corporate executives setting up dystopic global tyranny using the power of artificial intelligence, and then went on to create the Cloud and haven't yet stopped to ask "are we the baddies"

I am constantly amazed that the same generation who constantly brags about their "transformative" work in the 60s now gives us the most flagrantly self-important and downright evil people to run our country.
At what point did even the public display of morality die?

Debian's cool on servers and all, but I think Debian Testing was a mistake for a desktop. Gonna switch back to Fedora. See if that's a little more stable.

"You actually don't need to be open-minded about Oracle, you are wasting the openness of your mind ...What you think of Oracle, is even truer than you think it is. There has been no entity in human history with less complexity or nuance to it than Oracle."

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