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electronics design of MNT Reform is complete. i gave the green light to finish motherboard assemblies.


Great news from the EU pushing interoperability between messaging apps! 🎉

A win for consumers to choose any messaging app, and communicate with anyone.

Great potential for to be the interoperable communications layer for the open web!


uspol, Democrats 

@john I hear you and I don't disagree with that way of approaching it. However, I've been betrayed far too many times by the party I supported for many years, and it's exactly the kind of framing displayed in the tweet which is directly harmful to people who need help.

Brunch-set Democrats are not a friend to me & people like me, and until they either adjust their outlook or lose their grip on power, it's open season.


"They've never seen the Sanders wing of the party as anything but a threat to what they do for a living, which is basically take corporate money, and then sell themselves as socially progressive. That's what they do for a living. That's their business."


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I know that some of this is because of the current climate, but I can just *feel* these descriptions of dickheads in red hats screaming about a literal alien instead of about "illegal aliens"...

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"The demonstration in support of Sergeant Bianchi was the whitest, raggediest gathering he'd ever seen in New York..."

@pluralistic's "Radicalized" is wonderful reading. It's depressing, insightful, exciting, and thought-provoking...and I'm only half-way through!

I just told a customer that it was "tired outside" meaning dark outside

looking for nuclear options in Matrix to ban users from specific domains (it doesn't "federate" or not, it just has "guest" as a user type and names include the home server domain) that plug right in


I'll be done watching uspol coverage now, as I have seen the best of it, and it is this headline in this paper:

I'd been thinking about it for a while now, and I *finally* bought some @pluralistic books. Excited to read!


this is what happens to parties of, by, & for the consultant class and the work-from-home class when they promise nothing to people who've been getting squeezed for decades.
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Biden ads have started in KY.

His internal polling is telling him he has stretch.

The “silence him” ad is brilliant.

But if he is advertising here, he is going with a 50 state endgame.

This indicates that Biden is comfortable enough to draw his general numbers down.

This says a lot about where this election really is.

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