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I wonder if I can pull the embroidery off my backpack... tired of stanning a Corp.

Despite whatever you might think about folks who work on tech spilling forth an utterance of curses - know that it is an essential verbal component to data witchery. Often used along with the somatic components, (πŸ–• is one you may be familiar with), the words weave a fine spell, in hopes it may be used to coax the device or process in question into obedience, or face banishment to oblivion.

Pac-Man was the first survival horror game.

Change my mind.

important, please boost 

there's a dog near me, doing little doggy snores

This is important enough that it cannot be contained by the simple "reply" button:

Journey lied to you, whether you stop believin' or not, there is no such thing as South Detroit. Immediately South of Detroit, is the Detroit river, and on the other side of that is a place called Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

That prick from California who wrote the song is not only stealing valor from the 313, but he can't even get the fucking geography right.

This is important.

#HardStare #TheD #Motown

@realcaseyrollins @shadowferret @srgz Here is my take.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Everyone knows the stock market is corrupt, full of insider trading, and is basically a cesspool. Its a game played by people with lots of spare income, there just isn’t going to be sympathy from people who barely live cheque to cheque.

*extremely gushing morning news anchor voice*

"... and I think Biden might already be the most successful and important Joe, in the history of American politics."

"Great point Cindy; he is truly, our Nelson Mandela."

"Wait Josh, my breaking news alarm is buzzing; this just in, Raytheon to be awarded a Peace Medal..."

It's not hard to see why America was primed for fascism when you look at the other team with a critical eye at all...

Oregon senator Ron Wyden has recommended to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that they evaluate WireGuard as a replacement for existing technologies like IPsec and OpenVPN.[31]


I have concluded that every bit of documentation concerning ldap and or samba is incorrect.

feel like running literally everything in docker containers is just static linking by other means

Flat-head screws are trash and they should feel bad.

A while back, I moved my Mastodon instance from a raspberry pi to a RockPro64 (from @PINE64 ). The hardware is significantly faster and pretty nice, but the software leaves something to be desired.
I've had the most success with Armbian, but at least twice now, they've deployed kernel updates that caused my machine to fail to boot. Re-imaging/etc. isn't a huge deal for my tiny instance, but it is frustrating.

electronics design of MNT Reform is complete. i gave the green light to finish motherboard assemblies.


Great news from the EU pushing interoperability between messaging apps! πŸŽ‰

A win for consumers to choose any messaging app, and communicate with anyone.

Great potential for to be the interoperable communications layer for the open web!


uspol, Democrats 

@john I hear you and I don't disagree with that way of approaching it. However, I've been betrayed far too many times by the party I supported for many years, and it's exactly the kind of framing displayed in the tweet which is directly harmful to people who need help.

Brunch-set Democrats are not a friend to me & people like me, and until they either adjust their outlook or lose their grip on power, it's open season.

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